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Brittney in the woods

My Story

My dedication to spiritual wellness is what has kept me motivated to share what I've learned with those who may be struggling in similar ways as I have in the past. Through practices of awareness, mediation, Reiki and Thai yoga bodywork, I've been able to completely shift my perspective on moments that may have previously caused me angst. I've spent the last two years refining what it means to be a responsible and transformational force in the lives of every person I have the pleasure of working with which has meant hours of hands-on healing and creating the best overall healing experience for my clients.


I'm also a professionally trained dancer with over 20 years of experience in dance technique and conditioning, dance performance and choreography. While professionally trained in several genres of dance, my vision has always remained very clear that dance is an experience, an art, your joy and your truth. I provide the full experience where your spiritual healing meets your mental and physical. My pole fitness offering is meant to meet your physical needs while diving deep into who you are as an individual, a Woman, and a sensual being. I'm most excited to help you build confidence,  reimagine what it means to discover yourself and most of all- Have fun! 

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